Nina, an ACT Volunteer: Our Society Not Yet Free from Social Problems

The meaning of freedom occurred when Nina decided to be an ACT volunteer and realizing various difficulties faced by the community. For Nina, many people have not free from social problems.

Indonesia's 76th Independence Day.
Illustration. Nina Agustina, an MRI-ACT volunteer realizes that there are still many people who are not yet independent. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR – Nina Agustina is a volunteer of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI)-ACT South Bogor. Having a high social awareness and love to help others in need are her reasons to be a volunteer.

This year, the independence day moment was felt differently by Nina after she becomes an MRI-ACT volunteer. She realizes that there are still many people who are yet to be free from various social problems.

“Freedom is when people are no longer in hunger. However, we can easily find people in hunger around us. They starve themselves because they have no money left to survive,” said Nina, Wednesday (8/18/2021).

For the woman who lives in Cimande Village, Caringin, Bogor, West Java, near the Pangrango Mount, the meaning of freedom is when people are no longer in difficulty to afford food.

Therefore, she endeavors to take part in various acts of generosity from MRI-ACT so that she can assist people who are not free yet from hunger. In her four months being a volunteer, she has joined various social actions including Free Meal Operation, Free Food Operation, and so on.

Even though her economic condition is just enough for her to meet her daily needs, but every Friday, Nina always tries to provide meal packages to the people in need. “I become a volunteer to make people free from social difficulties. At least, I can help them a little,” she said.

She also asks all volunteers in Indonesia to keep helping fellow human beings despite the difficult situations, because there will always be someone who needs it more. “Please keep the spirit of maintaining this togetherness. The more volunteers, the more people will be helped and get their freedom," said Nina.[]