Nizar Aditya: Volunteering is One of Reasons for Living

Following his negative experience assisting people in need due to natural disasters, Muhammad Nizar Aditya has grown to appreciate the world of volunteerism even more. Volunteering, in his opinion, is one of the reasons why humans exist.

Muhammad Nizar Aditya
Muhammad Nizar Aditya. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LUMAJANG – The world of volunteering is a vast one. It is an honor for Muhammad Nizar Aditya, a member of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI), to be able to join volunterism.

Adit has been doing volunteer work since 2018. He only started with MRI in 2020. Adit was interested in volunteering because he had a bad experience sending aid to disaster victims in Lombok.

"When the earthquake struck Lombok, my friends and I sent aid by land, but it was looted en route. Fortunately, we were safe. After that incident, I thought about how I could help directly to the disaster center," Adit said in an interview with ACTNews on Wednesday (1/19/2022).

Adit felt at the time that his decision to become a volunteer was the right one. He seemed to find a reason to live in this world other than worship.

"Being a volunteer is like finding a reason to live because I can help and provide assistance to others who are experiencing difficulties," Aditya explained.

Furthermore, since becoming a volunteer, I have had a strong desire to help others. According to Adit, under certain conditions, many residents require the assistance of volunteers.

Adit recalled the experience of searching for the missing victims of the Semeru eruption. The victim's family was overjoyed at the time. "When I saw the expression of gratitude mixed with tears, I wondered, what if my family had lost?" Perhaps I will also hope that family members are found, even if they are dead," he concluded.