No Need to Worry Over COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought panic due to its rapid spread. However, with enough basic knowledge, there are steps that we can take to protect ourselves from it.

Coronavirus are a group of viruses known to have club-shaped spikes. (CDC/Alissa Eckert, MS, Dan Higgins, MAM)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Like a viral transmission, the news about Covid-19 also spread massively. Since President Joko Widodo announced two cases of Coronavirus infection, many have started panicking. Prices of face masks and hand sanitizers have soared. Kompas even reported, on Tuesday (3/3), the prices of face masks in some online stores have increased tenfold.

People don’t need to panic, said Drh. Moh Indro Cahyono, a Virus Researcher and Practitioner for Disease Management. According to him, despite having the rapid spread, the coronavirus is not as ferocious as the media portrays. Of the 80,000 people infected, 2,400 died, but that number only makes up 2% to 3% of the people infected with the virus.

"You can look at the statistics on how many people were affected by coronavirus and how many people died. Those who died from the infection only make up around 2% to 3%, meaning that the rest, as much as 97%, survived. In detail, of all the people who survived, 53% were sick, and 44% had started to recover, "said dr. Indro on the video uploaded on his official Youtube channel on Wednesday (3/4).

Coronavirus can be easily destroyed by fat solvents, detergents, or disinfectants. Coronavirus has viral spike peplomers made of glycoprotein. These spikes can be very easily destroyed by fat solvents, detergents, or disinfectants.

"So, if we wash our hands frequently, mop the floor with disinfectant or floor cleaner liquid, the virus will be destroyed," explained dr. Indro.

However, people need to be aware that the coronavirus is transmitted to humans through contact with materials infected with the virus. This virus is also easy to move when someone is in the crowd. The virus can be transmitted through sneezing, or when someone is in direct contact with the infected.

When infected, Indro urges patients to remain calm and not to panic. From the first to the 7th day of the infection, sufferers will feel the symptoms of fever and flu. However, if the body is strong enough, enough, on the 7th day, the body will produce antibodies.

This reaction of the antibodies will reach its peak on the 14th day. That is why the number of people recovering from viruses is quite high even without vaccines. Until now, as many as 44% of people with coronavirus infection around the world have been declared cured.

Indro also advocated three ways to prevent ourselves from coronavirus infection. First, reduce exposure to the virus through healthy and clean lifestyle, and avoid places where many people are sick. Second, strengthen the antibodies and energy by taking vitamins C and E plus honey. And finally, if you feel sick, give your body time to rest at home.

"So, if you have fever for 4-5 days, it's natural. No need to panic. All you need is vitamin C, vitamin E, enough food, and proper rest. On the 7th day, our antibodies will start working. This also applies to those who are sick. We will all be able to deal with this corona virus outbreak as long as we have enough knowledge and don’t panic," said doctor Indro.

Dr. Rizal Alimin, ACT Medical Team Coordinator, stated that maintaining cleanliness is the main way to protect yourself from Covid-19, starting from properly washing our hands.

Students of Prasetya Mulya having their body temperature checked by Aksi Cepat Tanggap medical team (3/2). After the holiday season, Prasetya Mulya University issued a policy that requires student to have their body temperature checked, especially for students who have just went abroad. (ACTNews)

In addition, he also said, a strong immune system will not make someone susceptible to Covid-19. "To be immune to diseases, we must increase immunity by eating nutritious food, washing hands, and avoiding traveling or contacting many people," he explained.

As an anticipation measure, in early February, ACT has also held a number of actions to anticipate the Covid-19 outbreak such as the distribution of masks at Soekarno Hatta Airport, collaboration with international partners in preventing the outbreak of Covid-19, and delivery of tens of thousands of masks to Indonesian citizens in several Asian countries.

In addition, the Disaster Management Institute of Indonesia (DMII) - ACT also held a Disaster Preparedness Discussion about Covid-19. In this discussion, DMII advised the public not to fall for invalid information. []