Noor Banu Loses a Child in Cox’s Bazar Fire

This is not the first time for Noor Banu to lose a child in a fire, but it will always be a wound that is difficult to heal.

The fires razed thousands of homes for Rohingyas. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, COX’S BAZAR — The fire that burned Rohingya refugee camps in Cox's Bazar was the worst experienced by Rohingyas on March 22. Thousands of houses were reduced to ashes. They had nowhere to go after their shelters were burned down. Several hours later, after the fire was put out, they could only take shelter in houses that were not burned.

Among the thousands of Rohingyas that survived the fire, Noor Banu (32), was looking for her son, Muhammad Karim (11), who had been missing since the fire broke out two weeks ago. She visited each shelter, hoping that her child was staying in one of them.

She also contacted relatives and other families in an effort to find her son but to no avail. She felt the fire had claimed her son’s life. “I can’t take this pain anymore,” said Banu, as quoted by Reuters.

In 2016, as the Myanmar army poured into Rohingya villages in response to coordinated insurgent attacks on security posts, Banu said her home was set ablaze in Pawet Chaung, killing the two boys – one barely a year old, and another seven.

The fire also left Noor Banu’s leg wounded. The wound has been treated by local volunteers. However, this wound wasn’t a big thing for her, she was still alive. Losing a child was a painful wound that will be difficult to heal.[]