North Konawe Regency Declares Flood Emergency

Through Decree No. 240 of 2020, the Regent of North Konawe declared flood emergency status for 14 days until June 30, 2020.

North Konawe Regency Declares Flood Emergency' photo
North Konawe SAR volunteers evacuating flood victims. (Basarnas)

ACTNews, NORTH KONAWE - The North Konawe government has declared a two-week emergency status due to the flood that that inundated a number of sub-districts in the regency. Emergency response status was set in six subdistricts: Andowia, Asera, Oheo, Langgikima, Landawe, and Wiwirano.

A Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) volunteer in Kendari, Aswar Samaila, reported that heavy rains that have been falling since the previous week caused several rivers in North Konawe Regency to overflow. "Within three days, dozens of houses were submerged. A number of residents fled to relatives' houses. In Puuwanggudu Village, Asera Subdistrict, the overflow of the Lasolo River caused hundreds of residents to evacuate to temporary shelters, "Aswar reported.

Based on the assessment of ACT and MRI Kendari, the evacuees are in dire need of food, medicine, blankets, ant mosquito nets. Currently, the volunteers are assessing the evacuees’ needs.

Besides North Konawe, Tanah Bumbu Regency in South Kalimantan was hit by flood on Saturday (6/21) and Tasikmalaya Regency on Friday (6/19). Besides drowning several houses, the flood in Tasikmalaya also washed away a bridge. []