Numerous Indonesian Musicians Perform in Charity Concert for Lombok

Numerous Indonesian Musicians Perform in Charity Concert for Lombok

Numerous Indonesian Musicians Perform in Charity Concert for Lombok' photo

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Another grand initiative for Lombok has just been wonderfully made. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) held another charity concert, entitled “Jakarta Loves Lombok” in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on Wednesday (9/19). The concert started at 7:30 p.m. Performing in the concert was a famous Indonesian jazz musician Dwiki Dharmawan.

Dharmawan, who initiated the concert, stated that the idea for this concert came because he felt sad for the massive 7.0 earthquake. The concert, said Dwiki, was his contribution as a musician by using his talents to help Lombok earthquake victims.

“Music is me, my life and my world. I have volunteered for ACT for several times, taking part in several ACT’s humanitarian missions. Now, in dealing with Lombok earthquakes, I want to collaborate with ACT for Lombok recovery,” said Dharmawan.

Dwiki also invited other musicians to perform, such as Dewi Gita, Amelia Ong, Trio Pria, Trisoul and Lana Nitibaskara. Beautiful tunes of jazz filled the air, kindling the spirit of Indonesian people, especially those in Jakarta, to take part in rebuilding the life of earthquake-affected people in Lombok.     

Dewi Gita, who sang the songs Ampenan and Ibu Pertiwi admitted that she was glad and proud to have been able to contribute. “I only have music and my voice. I am happy and proud. My money is limited, but Insha Allah my voice isn’t. Hopefully, it can alleviate their burden,” said Dewi Gita.

The same sentiment was also expressed by Amelia Ong, a jazz musician who also performed in Jakarta Loves Lombok Charity Concert. Ong admitted that it was an honor for him to be invited by Dwiki Dharmawan to take part in this charity concert.

“I met him in Portugal. He told me that there would be a concert for Lombok. We were interested. We will do anything for Lombok,” she said.

Responding to the musicians’ goodwill, Iqbal Setyarso, ACT Vice President of Communication, expressed his thankfulness for the massive sympathy that has been continuously flowing for Lombok. “This calamity reminds us that there are things we need to preserve and people we need to help. Hopefully, this concert can encourage the people to keep caring for Lombok,” he said.

Jakarta Loves Lombok Charity concert is an evidence that there are many people in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta, who care for what happened in Lombok. Numerous massive efforts have been initiated by ACT through the “Jakarta Stands with Lombok” and “Indonesia Stands with Lombok” campaigns to rebuild and restore life in Lombok. []



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