Nur Hasanah Determines to Rebuild Her Business After Semeru Eruption

Semeru Volcano eruption destroyed Nur Hasanah’s staple food stall. Now, She has to work extra hard to rebuild the business.

Nur Hasanah
The staple food stall is Nur Hasanah's only income to meet the needs of her family. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LUMAJANG REGENCY – Nur Hasanah's primary source of income for meeting her daily needs is the sale of staple foods and snacks for children. After the accident, her husband was unable to work too hard. He is currently searching for grass for his cattle.

"The shop is the main source of income. Alhamdulillah, it is sufficient to eat every day, and I can save a little. It is a little more advanced because there is mining around here," Nur Hasanah stated during a meeting on Wednesday (22/12/2021).

However, tragedy struck Nur Hasanah. Semeru Volcano eruption destroyed her house and food stall in Sumber Sari Hamlet, Supit Urang Village, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency. This village is approximately 100 meters from Mount Semeru's peak and the lava flow.

The condition of Nur Hasanah's stall after the eruption. (ACTNews)

During the eruption, the lava flow struck and crushed trees and houses, including Nur Hasanah's house. The house's roof collapsed because it was not strong enough to withstand the volcanic ash that had settled, and the house was filled with volcanic ash and water, which damaged and rendered useless the electronics she had. "I believe my house was a gift from Allah, and Allah desired to reclaim it. It only took five minutes for everything to be destroyed," Nur Hasanah said.

Nur Hasanah must now consider other options to meet her family's needs and pay for her children's school fees. Even her husband, who was previously unable to work hard, intends to relocate out of town in search of other sources of income.

Nur Hasanah does not want to go into debt when starting a business or meeting needs, and she has never borrowed money from a bank or a moneylender. "I always remember my husband's advice to keep the business small and sell only a few items. The most important thing is not to get into debt because we do not know how long we will be alive. We do not want to die while we still have debt," Nur Hasanah said.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) assisted the Business Capital Alms program to help Nur Hasanah rebuild her business. Aside from Nur Hasanah, three other business owners have benefited from this assistance. This MSMEs-supporting program is one of the efforts to rebuild the post-disaster economy in Semeru. []