Nutritious Breakfast for Hundreds of School Students

There are still many schoolchildren who skip breakfast. Though breakfast is crucial for the growth and development of children.

Laily Salamah
Laily Salamah, from ACT West Jakarta team, distributes a nutritious breakfast package to one of MI Arridha's students, Thursday (11/18/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST JAKARTA — Humanity Medical Services Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) again carried out Indonesian Child Nutrition Operations (OGAI). This time, this program came to Islamic Elementary School (MI) Arridho in Jalan Jelambar Madya Utara, West Jakarta.

Harum Aulia from ACT HMS team explains this program is a response to support the growth and development of school children. According to Harum, many school children skip breakfast. Breakfast is crucial for the growth and development of children.

“Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning will help brain development during growth, especially when entering school age. Breakfast is important in increasing concentration,” said Harum in an interview, Thursday (11/18/2021).

Guided by the teachers, the students lined up neatly. ACT team distributed nutritious food that morning to hundreds of students who attended. In addition to carbohydrates, there are also proteins, vitamins, and minerals in these foods. “We also distribute milk to the children. Of course, this supports their nutritional needs in one day and can increase their concentration while they are studying,” said Harum.

ACT HMS team also provided counseling to parents who were present at the school. Parents were given education in the form of the benefits of breakfast and balanced nutrition counseling for children.