Nutritious Breakfast Makes MI Nurun Najah Students Happy

The students were enthusiastic when they received breakfast packages. They showed their happy faces.

ACT South Jakarta team
ACT South Jakarta team distributes nutritious breakfast to MI Nurun Najah students, Pancoran, Wednesday (11/24/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA — ACT continues to carry out its humanitarian programs. One of them is Child Nutrition Operation (OGAI). This time, ACT South Jakarta team carried out OGAI in Islamic Elementary School (MI) Nurun Najah, Cikoko, Pancoran District, South Jakarta.

Muhammad Iman from ACT South Jakarta program team said it was a continuation of the previous action. Of course, this program will continue to target schools in the Greater Jakarta area.

Alhamdulillah, by Allah's permission, today, ACT South Jakarta team has distributed hundreds of packages of balanced nutrition to the students of MI Nurun Najah," he said in an interview, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

Iman continued, the team distributed breakfast with balanced nutrition. Each serving of meals has carbohydrates, protein, and iron.

“We also gave the students tangerines and glasses of milk to fulfill the balanced nutrition of the students," said Iman.

Mia, an English and Arabic teacher at MI Nurun Najah, expressed her gratitude for the nutritious breakfast from ACT. “On behalf of the school. I am grateful for the assistance provided. Following ACT's slogan, namely care for humanity, ACT cares for us," said Mia.

The students were enthusiastic when the nutritious breakfast package arrived. They showed happy faces and smiled at the camera.

Zaki, one of the second-grade students, said he was happy. He admitted that he did not eat breakfast when he went to school. He knew the OGAI program would be at his school that day.[]