Nutritious Food Packages for Children and Pregnant Women in South Tangerang

Efforts to fulfill children’s nutrition continue to be carried out by ACT. Complete nutritious food packages were distributed to hundreds of children and pregnant women in South Tangerang.

ACT South Tangerang.
ACT South Tangerang team motivates two children who are the recipients of the Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation to drink milk. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH TANGERANG – Who doesn’t feel sad every time there is a mother or a child who is malnourished or even stunted? Sadly, it is a common problem, especially among those who have difficulty accessing health services due to financial problems.

As a humanitarian organization that also focuses on fulfilling the community’s nutritional needs, Aksi Cepat Tanggap distributed nutritious food packages to 292 children and 8 pregnant women in Sawah Baru, South Tangerang on Saturday (6/6/2021) through the Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation program.

A total of 300 nutritious food packages including vegetables, fruit, and pudding were distributed to children and pregnant women. These food packages fulfilled the need for balanced nutrition such as carbohydrates and protein. In addition, ACT also distributed 58,4 liters of milk to support the completion of the children’s balanced nutrition.

“This program is an effort from ACT to suppress the potential for malnutrition. This program is a form of support from the community through ACT,” said the Branch Manager of ACT South Tangerang Agus Subandi.

In the implementation of the Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation, ACT was also helped by a nutritionist and nurse from Sawah Baru Public Health Center. The beneficiaries were also taught about a healthy lifestyle.

Although the program involved hundreds of people, health protocol was strictly maintained to prevent Covid-19. The food package distribution was done in several sessions within only 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the personnel of the Integrated Healthcare Center helped to deliver the packages directly to the houses of recipients who were absent due to illness.[]