Nutritious Food Packages for Santris Affected by Covid-19 in Bangka Belitung

Staple packages were delivered for santris affected by Covid-19 at Hidayatullah Boarding School, where 77 students are quarantined after several students were tested positive for Covid-19.

Delivery of staple food packages to Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews / Hengky Firmansyah)

ACTNews, BANGKA BELITUNG - Aksi Cepat Tanggap distributed aid packages to santris (Islamic boarding school students) in Bangka Belitung, On Sunday (11/15), students of Uwais Al-Qorni Islamic school received staple food packages, and on Tuesday (11/17) the staple food packages were delivered to the santris at Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School.

In Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School, the staple food packages were delivered to santris affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. As many as 77 students were quarantined after several students were tested positive for Coronavirus. Currently, 24 students are still undergoing quarantine.

"Alhamdulillah, ACT Bangka Belitung has been assisting Islamic students in Bangka Belitung. One of the target was the Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School where dozens of students have to undergo quarantine,” said Bobby Bagaskara, ACT Bangka Belitung Program Coordinator.

The staple food packages were received by ustaz Irwan, the principal of Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School. He said that this ordeal doesn’t sadden him and his students. Instead, they increase their worship.

Ustaz Irwan thanked the generous donors who have helped meet the needs of the students during the quarantine. "May Allah reward you abundantly and gather us in His Paradise," prayed Ustaz Irwan.

ACT Bangka Belitung will continue its endeavors to support the struggle of the students. "There are still many Islamic students in Bangka Belitung who need our attention. Hence, we are inviting the people of Bangka Belitung to support them by donating through our BNI / BNI SYARIAH account at 88 0000 2329," asked Bobby. []