Nyamiati’s Efforts to Resurrect Her Food Business

Warung (stall) Nyamiati is a popular community hangout for people looking for a place to rest and eat light snacks. However, the pandemic hampered her business.

Nyamiati admits that her income has decreased by 60 percent since the pandemic. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANJARBARU CITY – A simple stall has become a popular gathering spot for residents of Jalan Sukamaju, North Landasan Ulin Village, Liang District, Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan. She offers a variety of light snacks, such as fried foods and drinks, that make customers feel at ease while taking a short break.

This is a business that Nyamiati has been working on for about ten years. A strategic location and low prices attract many customers who frequently stop by the stall.

"In the past, I was assisted by three employees to run this stall. Alhamdulillah, before the pandemic, we could get a sales turnover of up to IDR 2 million per day," Nyamiati said on Monday (2/28/2022).

The Covid-19 pandemic hampered her business. The stall, which is directly across the street from the main road, made Nyamiati hesitant to operate due to social restrictions. For several months, she closed her stall.

When the shop reopened, Nyamiati's earnings were not as high as before. "My current income is down about 60 percent," she said. Unfortunately, she had no choice to lay off all of her employees.

She, like other MSME owners, hopes that the pandemic will pass soon and does her best to keep the business running. Nyamiati's efforts are supported by Global Wakaf-Waqf ACT's for MSME program. Nyamiati received waqf capital assistance on that day. In the future, she will receive religious and business mentoring to expand her knowledge and business mentality.[]