Olive Season in Palestine Threatened by Israeli Settlers’ Attack

Israeli settlers escalate their attacks during olive harvest season in the West Bank. The trees, which are the main source of livelihood for Palestinian farmers, are stolen and destroyed by the settlers.

Palestinian olive farmers
Illustration. Israeli attacks on Palestinian farmers in the West Bank increase during the harvest season. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)

ACTNews, WEST BANK – The olive season in Palestine usually begins in early October every year. This is a long-awaited moment for thousands of Palestinian olive farmers because they finally are able to reap the fruit of their labor.

However, their hopes are shattered by the attack committed by Israeli settlers. Their assault on olive plantations in the West Bank often escalates as the olive season nears.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a warning against this attack It further stated that international silence to organized settlers’ terrorism will have serious impacts.

“Prior to and during the olive harvest season, attacks by settlers and Jewish terrorists against Palestinians escalate, sometimes by preventing them from reaching their land to harvest olives, others through attacks and assaults on Palestinian citizens participating in the harvest, and sometimes by burning, destroying and chopping hundreds of olive trees in many areas of the occupied West Bank or stealing olive crops, as happens every year,” said the Foreign Ministry.

Khalil Taqtaq, a farmer in Salfit in the north of West Bank, said illegal Israeli settlers living near his land had stolen his olive trees which were ready for harvest. He owns 26 trees on his over 50-dunum plot of land.

On October 3, in the village of Burin in Nablus, a number of farmers were shocked when they found out that dozens of their olive trees were stolen. According to local sources, Israeli settlers from the Yitzhar settlement area had cut down the trees before the Palestinian farmers arrived. []