One Hamlet Buried by Landslides in Gowa

One Hamlet Buried by Landslides in Gowa

ACTNews, GOWA – Gowa Regency in South Sulawesi has been afflicted with flashflood in the last two days. The flashflood caused by the water flowing from Bili-Bili Dam has caused an extensive damage, destroying bridges and roads that connect the villages.

Apart from flashflood, the torrential rains that have been falling in recent days have caused landslides in several villages: Lonjoboko, Datara, Tompobulu, Bilanrengi, Parigi, as well as Bili-Bili Villages. The worst-hit area was in Pattallikang Village in Manuju Sub-District.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) volunteers in Gowa reported that Pattiro Hamlet in Pattallikang Village was buried by the landslide. Several villagers were missing while some others have been confirmed dead.

Nur Ali Akbar of ACT South Sulawesi Emergency Response team stated that they were preparing to dispatch volunteers to the landslide-hit village. “The village is located in Sapaya, in a remote area. It is approximately 80km away from Gowa city,” he stated, Wednesday (1/23).

Untul Wednesday (1/23), ACT has dispatched 51 volunteers to respond to the natural disasters in South Sulawesi. They were split into two groups: one in Makassar and one in Gowa. They focus on evacuating the victims, providing medical services and humanitarian relief, as well as performing assessments. Four humanitarian posts have been established to help the floods and landslides victims.

By the time this article was being written, local government of Gowa Regency announced that six have been confirmed dead. The casualties come from various sub-districts affected by the massive floods. Apart from Gowa and Makassar, the floods also inundated Maros, Pangkep, Barru and Jeneponto. []



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