One Million People in Madagascar May Die from Hunger

One million Madagascar people are about to die from hunger due to prolonged severe drought.

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Famine among the Malagasy reaches its peak due to the climate crisis caused by drought. (WFP/Tsiory Andriantsoarana)

ACTNews, MADAGASCAR – Currently, Madagascar faces an acute famine due to a lack of food supply. Amnesty International urged the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to combat the effects of drought in Madagascar.

"Madagascar is on the front line of the climate crisis. This means that one million people are facing a catastrophic drought and violations of their rights to life, health, food, and water. This includes the risk of starvation," the head of Amnesty International Agnes Callamard.

According to the human rights organization, the Malagasy are facing a devastating drought in the south where 91% of the population lives below the poverty line. The climatic crisis is causing "terrible suffering and death," it said.

The below-average rainy seasons also threaten people’s livelihood from agriculture, livestock breeding, and fishing activities.

Furthermore, a representative from ACT’s Global Humanity Network, Firdaus Guritno admits that he is very concerned about the lives of the Malagasy amid the famine situation. He says that humanitarian support from people around the world especially Indonesia is urgently needed to help the Malagasy.

“The lives of the Malagasy and other people in the African countries are in distress and very heartbreaking. It’s time for us to build solidarity to assist them,” said Firdaus.

Firdaus explains that in 2021, ACT has delivered assistance to Madagascar several times. He hopes for the assistance to be intensified again by the benefactors.[]