Online Motorcycle Taxi Driver Donates For Palestine

Online Motorcycle Taxi Driver Donates For Palestine

ACTNews, CIPUTAT – Who would not feel sad to hear about the people of Palestine who still live under oppression? Yogi Permana (22), an online motorcycle taxi driver, was among those who sympathize with the people of Palestine. Upon receiving information from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) social media accounts, he came to ACT Office in Ciputat, South Tangerang, Saturday (3/9).

Permana came alone, wearing the uniform of his motorcycle taxi company, to offer his generosity. He brought with him all the money he had saved for six months. He had been saving money to help the people of Palestine who are afflicted by multiple crises.

“Actually, I have known about the situation in Palestine for quite a long time, but yesterday finally I was able to give a little I have for the people of Palestine. Hopefully, it will be accepted as my jihad for the sake of Allah, and will be able to help me in the Hereafter. Though it isn’t much, I am happy to be able to help others,” said Permana.

Behind his generous action, there’s a message that Permana wished to convey to the people of Indonesia. He wanted to enjoin all the people with clean conscience to support Indonesia Saves Palestine Program initiated by ACT by supporting the effort of sending 10,000 tons of aid.

“I want to enjoin all the people of Indonesia, particularly my fellow online motorcycle-taxi drivers, to save some of the money they get to help the people of Palestine. I am sure that everything we give to others will also bring good to ourselves. Allah will help each of his worshippers who helps others,” said Permana.

He also expressed his hope that the people of Palestine would continue struggling for their rights that have been unjustly taken. “May all our brothers and sisters in Palestine not feel desperate and hopeless to continue their struggle because we the people of Indonesia are still supporting the freedom of Palestine,” he added.

Yogi Permana is an example of how everyone can contribute to help millions of Palestinians living under oppression and tyranny. Even a little contribution means so much to the people of Palestine. []



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