Opi’s Difficulties Never Weaken Her Fervor in Teaching Quran

Unable to continue her education after losing her documentation to the floods, Opi never stops benefitting others. Despite her disability, she decided to be a Quran teacher for the children in her neighborhood.

ustazah opi
Opi (right) turns her shed into a classroom for local children to learn the Qur’an (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUBANG REGENCY – Opi Susilawati (27) has known struggle all too well since she was little. At the age of three, her legs were paralyzed. She lived in Jakarta once, but she then moved to her parents’ hometown in Subang. Sadly, she was unable to continue her schooling in Subang after losing her documentation to the floods in Jakarta.

“When the floods occurred, our belongings were submerged, including my report cards and other documents. I could not continue my education here in Subang. Besides, being wheelchair-bound is also an obstacle,” said Opi when Global Zakat – ACT Subang visited her house in Karanganyar Village of Subang Regency, Friday (1/21/2022).

Nevertheless, her spirit to benefit other people never weakens. She decided to teach the Quran to local children. Her family helped her turn their shed into a classroom for the local children to study.

“My mother helped me tidy up the room because more and more children attend the class. There was not enough room, but I had no other choice but to teach here,” she said.

Previously, she taught at a mosque near her house, but she does not want to burden her elderly mother who has to take her to and from the mosque and carry her if she needs to get off the wheelchair. Her mother now runs a small shop beside their house.

In spite of these difficulties, Opi never wants to stop teaching. She even helps provide notebooks and textbooks for her students who can’t afford them. “I don’t want them to stop studying because of financial constraints,” she said.

To improve her knowledge, she, too, needs to learn. Four years ago, she continued her study at a special needs school. Some parties have supported her by providing scholarship because of her dedication and achievements.

Global Zakat-ACT also supports Opi through the National Movement for Indonesian Muslim Preachers’ Prosperity through the provision of financial aid to help her with her noble endeavor. []