Opportunity to Meet Ramadan is an Honor

Receiving the opportunity to once again meet the month of Ramadan is an honor. Therefore, we are supposed to maximize this meeting through worship, as exemplified by Rasulullah and his companions.

Maximizing time through prayers and worship
Maximizing time through prayers and worship is an example from Rasulullah PBUH. (ACTNews/Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA An opportunity for a worshipper to still be given age is a sign given by Allah. Thus, at this time, people who are given the opportunity are supposed to maximize their prayers. That is what Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin Alkaff explained in Kajian Peradaban last Thursday (4/8/2021).

“Hence, don’t ever think of ourselves as insignificant because we are the noble people for whom Allah wants goodness. The life given by Allah, is actually Him asking us, with the life that he has blessed us with, to always ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT," said Habib Ali.

According to him, during Ramadan, Allah gives his abundant love towards his worshippers. Thus, Habib Ali asked people not to waste it. This is also what the Prophet and his Companions have exemplified in the month of Ramadan. Their faith and worship had become stronger in Ramadan compared to other months.

“Actually, during Ramadan they fought in the Battle of Badr. They also gave their wealth away in the cause of Allah, did a lot of supplications to Allah, and performed qiyamul lail at night,” explained Habib Ali.

Habib Ali also explained the acts of worship which are supposed to be maximized during this Ramadan, as what Rasulullah and his companions did. First, obviously, is fasting during the day, spending nights at mosques, inviting others when having iftar, and always being generous to one another.

Habib Ali gave an example of how, when he was a student in Yemen, he tried to give the only little thing he had to his friends in need.

“We didn’t have anything. However, we gave our drinking water and dates, which were the only things I had at that time, to our friend. We were both in need, but we just wanted to get the reward for being someone who shared iftar with others. Such opportunity doesn’t come twice. Who knows that this might be our last Ramadan. I hope that you all can be consistent in doing good deeds,” said Habib Ali. []