Orphans in Sidoarjo Blissfully Receive A New Mattress from ACT

Riski (16) and Joko (14) are orphans living in Sidoarjo.They only live together. Poverty has long shackled their lives. ACT Sidoarjo team provided them with a mattress to help them sleep more comfortably. All this time, they only slept on a shabby kapok mattress that was already thin.

Riski and Joko
Riski and Joko receive a new mattress from ACT team. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIDOARJO – Riski (16) and Joko (14) are orphans living in the Bluru area, Sidoarjo District, Sidoarjo Regency, East Java. They were left behind by their mother, who passed away in 2019. Their father passed away in March 2021 due to a lung tumor.

Now, they live in poverty and can only rely on help from neighbors to meet their daily needs. The poverty that shackles them even makes it difficult for them to sleep. Riski and Joko often sleep together on a shabby kapok mattress that was already thin.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap team in Sidoarjo immediately came to Riski and Joko's house to check on their condition. Jamal Azromi, ACT Sidoarjo program team, reports that Riski and Joko's condition is worrying.

On Wednesday (8/11/2021), ACT team gave them one mattress. ACT team also immediately installed it at their house. "Hopefully, Riski and Joko can sleep comfortably," said Jamal.

Jamal explains that Joko is a person with a disability. He wears prosthetic legs, which are already small in size. In addition to the mattress, Jamal hopes that ACT Sidoarjo and Generous Friends can provide prosthetic leg assistance for Joko in the future.

Joko, who has a dream to be able to go to university, was joyful when he received the mattress given by Generous Friends. "Thank you very much, brothers and sisters, from ACT. I can finally sleep on a soft mattress," said Joko, who immediately jumped into his mattress as soon as the mattress was installed.[]