Oya's Struggle From Caretaker of School Facilities to Becoming a Teacher

Oya began as a caretaker of school facilities and infrastructure for many years before being trusted to become an honorary teacher.

Oya teaches and cares for school facilities and infrastructure to express his love for education. (ACTNews)

ACTNews,  BOGOR REGENCY– Oya's path to becoming an elementary school teacher at an elementary school is a long one. Initially, he was the school's administrator of facilities and infrastructure. "In 2007, I started working as a school caretaker to care for the library, clean, and maintain the school,” Oya explained on Wednesday (12/29/2021).

In 2014, he was appointed librarian and was in charge of school administration. A good opportunity arose in 2017 for Oya, where he was trusted to teach. "At the time, there was a change in principal, and there was a teacher shortage. The principal offered me the position of honorary teacher at an elementary school in Nambo Village, Klapanunggal District, Bogor Regency," explained the teacher.

The decision was not without controversy. While Oya was still a high school graduate, there was already a requirement that a teacher has a bachelor's degree in education. Some questioned Oya even after the next school principal changes. However, the school continues to employ Oya as a teacher based on his experience and ability.

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"Until now, I am still teaching and maintaining school facilities and infrastructure. I am still in this condition because I enjoy schools and educational activities,” explained Oya.

Oya receives a salary of IDR 800 thousand per month as an honorary teacher. Oya also seeks additional income. With his wife, he once opened a cafeteria at school. However, he closed his shop due to the current pandemic. Furthermore, he frequently sells bananas.

Oya has little hope for his business, but he wants to continue contributing to his son's college tuition until he graduates. "I hope my son can get a better education and not be limited in the future by education and diplomas," Oya hoped.

Global Zakat-ACT East Bogor provided food package assistance as a form of appreciation to Oya. Aside from Oya, eleven other teachers at the same school received food packages. Hopefully, this assistance will encourage educators in the face of adversity, such as the current pandemic. []