Palestine Shrouded by Cold Winter

In mid-February, Palestine has been covered in snow. This is not exactly a good news for the Palestinians. Living in a country riddled with humanitarian conflicts, the winter often poses difficulties for Palestinians living in poverty.

Buildings in Palestine covered in snow
Rooftops in Jerusalem covered in snow in February 2021 (Reuters / Ilan Rosenberg)

ACTNews, JERUSALEM - In February 2021, there was a different scene in Jerusalem. Many buildings, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex, have been covered in snow. Trees, roads, and vehicles have also been blanketed in white. The cold air that shrouds forced the locals to lock themselves inside and wrap themselves in thick jackets and blankets.

By Friday (2/19/2021), the temperature in Jerusalem reached 7 degrees Celsius, and continues to drop at night. Snowfall is a rare sight in Jerusalem. Since Wednesday, following a storm, the snow has been falling. As a result, many activities have been hampered. Schools, offices, and other buildings have been closed.

The snowfall is not exactly a good thing for Palestinians. With the current occupation and humanitarian conflicts, the Palestinians don’t have much resources to face the freezing cold.

"It is estimated that, in the next few days, the temperature will get colder. This is certainly a threat to the Palestinian population who is plagued by humanitarian conflicts and resource crises,” reported Said Mukaffiy from the Global Humanity Response- Aksi Cepat Tanggap team, Thursday (2/18/2021).

Apart from Palestine, several other countries in the middle east are also experiencing cold winter such as Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. The refugees living in these countries direly need humanitarian assistance. []