Palestinian Siblings' Spirit to Survive Against Disabilities

For them, there is still hope to survive.

ACTNews, GAZA – Blockade and colonialism are realities that Palestinians in Gaza still grapple with. After closing the gate for necessary supplies, Israelis did repressive acts on Palestinians. Precisely at the Great March of Return, Israeli armies who patrolled Gaza-Israel’s border sent direct attack to Palestinians.

As the implication, many casualties dropped from Palestinians. The Palestine’s Ministry of Health in Gaza stated that by June 2019, 306 protesters at Great March of Return had died. Meanwhile, 17.335 protesters suffered from injuries, including 134 people who lost their body part after being gunned down by Israeli armies. Take, for example, Naziha (37) and Sohaib (27), siblings who came from Abbasan, both lost their limbs.

“I still remember, Naziha just hung up our mother’s call, and then she screamed. I scanned the area and found her bleeding. I screamed, too, asking for help,” Sohaib explained.

Both had to be amputated, after bullets hit their limbs during Great March of Return. Previously, Sohaib also contacted bullet at the first Great March of Return in June 2018. Meanwhile, Naziha was shot one month after the incident, according to Middle East Monitor article titled “Sohaib and Naziha lost their limbs, but did not lose their hope.”

The severity of the wounds in Naziha and Sohaib’s limbs forced paramedics to amputate those. Losing one body part didn’t dampen their spirit. They still have hope to keep on living. Even for Naziha who had used to have job as farmer, despite the worsening situation. No matter what, they still needed money to meet their ends.

“We feel more bounded to each other after lost our limbs. Now we have same lives, same jobs, and same fates. We can strengthen each other more easily,” Naziha said.

Naziha and Sohaib still went to Gaza. Along with thousands of protesters, they took part in Great March of Return. It was for their homeland, their independence, their future. To the world, they sent a message, “We have fulfilling our duty and sacrificed our limbs. I’m begging you now, to stop this blockade and fulfill our dreams to ‘come home.’” [] Picture source: Middle East Monitor