Palestinians Wait for Winter Aid from Benefactors

Winter is an unpleasant time for Palestinians. A tense situation surrounds the Palestinians. The walls of the buildings destroyed by the Israeli attack could no longer hold the air that seemed to pierce the bones.

Salama’s family
Salama’s family receives Winter Aid assistance from ACT team. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Winter is coming to Palestine at this time. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) is ready to assist the Palestinians in preparing for this condition. Moreover, the Israeli occupation is still ongoing, which has a major impact on their lives there.

Salama, one of the Palestinians living in Gaza, for example. She admits that winter in the land of Sham is very torturous. The cold seemed to pierce the bones because there were no walls to hold the air. Last May, Salama's house was destroyed in a major Israeli attack. Together with their children and two grandchildren, one of whom suffers from a chronic disease, Salama survives in that house.

“Winter has been torturous for Salama and the rest of the Palestinian population. Not only because of the cold air but also because of the occupation that has made the situation even worse,” explained Firdaus Guritno from Global Humanity Response-ACT team, Tuesday (11/2/2021).

For this reason, ACT continues to support Palestine through humanitarian assistance. Salama’s family was one of the beneficiaries. They got a heating machine, mattresses, blankets, and warm clothes. Firdaus explained that the humanitarian aid was an alms from the Indonesian benefactors.

“We gave them a new mattress because they only have a thin worn mattress. Salama's family also lacked warm clothes. Two of her grandchildren had to take turns using the warm clothes," added Firdaus.

Apart from winter aid, ACT Palestine also distributed a food package containing canned meat, rice, eggs, cooking oil, sugar, salt, flour, and tea.

“Salama’s family is one of the winter aid beneficiaries from ACT. A lot of Palestinians need this kind of assistance. They cannot do much. They can only wait for the goodness to come knocking on their house," said Firdaus.[]