Pandemic Deteriorates Ulil Absar’s Financial Condition

The Covid-19 pandemic has deteriorated the financial condition of Ulil Absar, an honorary teacher in Dukuhseti District, Pati Regency. Amid his low income as a teacher, his side business has also suffered from losses.

Ulil Absar receives a food package and financial assistance.
Ulil Absar receives a food package and financial assistance from ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PATI – The livelihood of Ulil Absar, an honorary teacher at an Islamic elementary school in Alasdowo Village, Dukuhseti District, Pati Regency is deteriorating during the Covid-19 pandemic. His side business lacks buyers and often suffers from losses.

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic, Ulil's salary was far from sufficient. Ulil only receives a salary of IDR 700 thousand per month. To increase his income, Ulil sells coconut water drinks. 

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, the price of young coconut has increased by IDR 200. I have to prepare more capital, but the buyers keep decreasing. My neighborhood seems to be empty recently. In the evening, there used to be many people gathered around here. However, it is now restricted,” said Ulil, Thursday (7/8/2021).

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Ulil used to earn a profit of IDR 1.5 million per month. However, due to the pandemic, it is already hard for him to make a return of capital. To reduce his losses, Ulil also has to reduce the amount of the product he sells. 

“I have no other choice. To avoid continuously losing, I prefer to cut my capital by 50%. Therefore, if each day I used to buy 200 coconuts from the supplier, now I only buy 100 coconuts, and will only reorder them again if I already run out of them. Lately, it’s hard to sell coconut drinks,” said Ulil.

To relieve the struggles of Ulil Absar, Global Zakat-ACT delivered a food package and financial assistance on Thursday (7/8/2021). Apart from teachers, Global Zakat-ACT also assists Muslim preachers who are affected by the pandemic.[]