Paryati's Business Declined after Railway Station Deserted

Selling dishes near the train station, Paryati (56) admits that lately, there are only a few customers due to the decreasing number of train passengers. She even thought about stopping her business.

Paryati is a single mother who has to support her three children.
Paryati is a single mother who has to support her three children. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANYUMAS – It is ‘Warung 3S’, a small food stall that becomes Paryati’s (56) source of income. It is located on Jalan Stasiun, Bantarsoka Village, West Purwokerto, near the West Purwokerto Railway Station. Paryati's stall used to be frequented by train passengers.

For three years, her food stall has been running well. In addition to the dine-in customers, she also served customers who ordered food online. Usually, Paryati could gain a total profit of IDR 50 to 100 thousand per day.

However, since the pandemic occurred, Paryati’s sales have been decreasing. "There haven't been as many passengers as before. The railway station employees also rarely stop by," she said when met by the Global Wakaf-ACT Team last Wednesday (6/30/2021).

Slowly, she tries to reduce the production costs, starting with closing the online orders. However, that wasn't enough to cut the expenses. She was even thinking about closing the stall. "I had decided to completely stop selling and wanted to transfer the shop contract," explained Paryati. But she ended up canceling her intention because as a single mother, she still has to support her three children.

Her eldest is not working because of an injury, while the youngest is still in elementary school. "My second child is still in high school, and I want him to continue his study in college," said Paryati.

To help in reviving Paryati's business, Global Wakaf-ACT Purwokerto provided business capital assistance to Paryati through Waqf for MSMEs program. Paryati hopes to add more products and develop her business with the assistance. []