Raises Up Community’s Economy through Islamic E-Commerce was launched on Tuesday (12/22) as a platform for MSMEs to maximize their profits and expand their marketing network on the basis of Islamic economic values and the principle of benefits.

The CEO of Pasar Sedekah, Puti Halimah, introducing the which was launched on Tuesday (12/22) at at Menara 165 South Jakarta. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – E-commerce is predicted to continue growing in 2021 due to the shift of customer spending patterns driven by the pandemic.  Many MSMEs are migrating to online marketplaces. However, not many marketplaces include almsgiving in every transaction. This has prompted Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to initiate a digital marketplace that include acts of charity in every transaction. was launched on Tuesday (12/22) as a platform for MSMEs to maximize their profits and expand their marketing network on the basis of Islamic economic values ​​and the principle of benefits. Every transaction includes almsgiving to boosts blessing and benefit.

During the soft launch of, Chairman of ACT Supervisory Board Ahyudin explained that the launch Pasar Sedekah is a moment of introspection for the community. “The Pasar Sedekah was born from a humanitarian organization, so the main goal is to provide the widest possible benefit to humanity. Different economic systems and ideologies may not be able to unite every individual, but in humanity, we can all be one. Pasar Sedekah, Insha Allah, can be a medium of friendship between people. By including almsgiving in every transaction, we hope that every asset and transaction will be blessed. Almsgiving is a command from Allah for us to alleviate poverty because the spirit of alms is giving. Pasar Sedekah aims to be a solution to facing challenges in the world of humanitarianism, something that has been increasingly becoming more urgent," said Ahyudin.

CEO of Puti Halimah explained that the purpose of Pasar Sedekah was to create a market like creating a civilization. "Pasar Sedekah is not just a digital marketplace. It also has big goals which are to free people from usury, financial deception and injustice, to ingrain almsgiving in every transaction, and to build the community’s independence. We can realize these ideals because we are bringing blessing and involve Allah in every transaction that takes place through Pasar Sedekah," she said during the initial launch of Pasar Sedekah.

The main goal is building a charity-based civilization towards the best Islamic civilization in accordance with the mission of Aksi Cepat Tanggap, which is to become a professional global humanitarian organization based on generosity and volunteerism of the global community to create a better world civilization. By bringing together waqf donors, sellers and buyers, hopefully, Pasar Sedekah can form a massive ecosystem of benefits.

In the future, there are three targets Pasar Sedekah tries to achieve so that the ecosystem can develop further. First, the target of entrepreneurship i.e. to help sellers to get financial benefits from this platform. Second, the target of sociopreneurship i.e. each transaction is based on social values, meaning that the activities carried out are not only profitable but also pay attention to social responsibilities to the wider community. Third, the target of celestialpreneurship i.e. every transaction that is performed is a source of blessing. This means that the activities carried out will result in programs to help the needy.

In creating a useful ecosystem, of course, the benefits will also be felt by the loyal customers. "Pasar Sedekah is a safe, easy, and convenient alternative shopping platform, which, Insha Allah, is full of commercial benefits. The customers will become a support system that is present in an effort to revive the economy of the people and grow blessings," added Puti.

By utilizing technology as a driver of blessings through almsgiving at any time, plans to make 1 million beneficiaries and get IDR 10 billion of waqf funds by 2021. "As a social digital platform, the function of the Pasar Sedekah is not only as a digital marketplace, but also as a way to preach Islam, perform acts of charity, and strengthen our brotherhood. Insha Allah, Pasar Sedekah will become a medium to create a civilization of Islam that becomes mercy to the whole world," concluded Puti. []