Patimah Lives With A Mentally-Impaired Brother In An Inadequate House

Patimah lives in an inadequate house together with her mentally impaired brother. She cannot renovate her house due to economic limitations.

Patimah cleans used plastic cups. She earns IDR 5,000 a day from this job. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Patimah (55) lives in a house made of rotten wood, with holes, and has a sloping roof. She lives with his younger brother, Sodik (46), who has been suffering from mental impairment since seven years ago. Their house in Kertasari Village, Margabakti, Cibeureum, Tasikmalaya City can only be accessed by foot. She wants to renovate her house. Unfortunately, the limited economic situation forced them both to survive.

When heavy rains come accompanied by strong winds, water often enters and wets the entire room. Patimah was often not in the house when the weather was not good. She fled to a neighbor's house. She was afraid that her house would collapse at any moment. However, going to a neighbor's house is not easy. Her old age and having to take her younger brother with her made her often feel tired.

Every day, Patimah works as a laborer to clean used beverage bottles owned by the collectors. She works from 8 am to 4 pm with a salary of IDR 5 thousand. The money is used for daily needs. In addition, twice a week, Patimah becomes a laundry laborer at a neighbor's house. Previously, since the death of her husband, Patimah worked as a household assistant. However, a work accident made her have to change professions. Her legs were not perfect anymore. It could not be folded when sitting.

This condition also makes Patimah not have a choice of place to live. She cannot renovate her house even though her house was rotting with age.

Now, Patimah lives in a comfortable residence. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) helped renovate her house through the Mobile Social Rescue program.

“Thank you to all who have helped me. May Allah record it as a pious deed and be rewarded with the best of replies, "Patimah prayed for the benefactor.

Fauzi Ridwan from ACT Tasikmalaya Program team said that the renovation took several weeks. Apart from Patimah, ACT Tasikmalaya also renovated houses for the elderly.

"We ask for prayers and support from all benefactors for the successful implementation of this kindness program," Fauzi hoped.[]