Paying a Visit to Yemeni IDP in the City of Ibb

Paying a Visit to Yemeni IDP in the City of Ibb

ACTNews, YEMEN – To visit, witness and listen directly to the accounts of the people of Yemen have been an unforgettable experience for Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s SOS for Yemen I team. This time, the team was reporting from the city of Ibb, a city located 194 kilometers south of Sana’a.

Rudi Purnomo of SOS for Yemen I was able to see directly the condition of Yemeni Internally Displaced People (IDP) in camps throughout Ibb, especially in Al-Dhihhar District. Using his cellphone, he reported how the IDP camps were in heartbreaking condition.

In Al-Dhihar district, most of the IDP live in decrepit buildings given by the local people of Ibb. Some chose to live on an empty lot located close to the town center. These IDP live in miserable condition. According to Purnomo, they live in unsanitary conditions. Their houses were dirty and full of garbage.

“They live in miserable and limited situation. Their places of living are not decent, with terrible sanitary conditions, limited water and electricity availability and decrepit buildings,” explained Purnomo.

Coordinator of Hodeidah camp in Ibb, Sultan, said that there are four IDP camps in Al-Dhihar District. They were Al-Hamamy Camp which has 80 families, Al-Salam Camp which has 90 families, Al-Shaheed Camp which has 24 families, and Wagheer Camp which has 54 families.

IDP cram inside small room

The soil on which Purnomo stepped was dusty and full of garbage. He walked closer towards a shabby flat to pay a visit to the inhabitants inside. Dozens of IDP were crammed inside each small room that they consider home.  

Every 4x4 room was inhabited by approximately four families. They had to share the room that was partitioned using only sheets and bed covers. At night, they can only sleep on thin mattresses.

“I am sure it’s very uncomfortable for them to live that way. At times they have to cook and do their laundry inside that room. It is an indecent place for living, especially for children,” said Purnomo.

Purnomo also said that the IDP are living in same miserable conditions. They are in dire need of food, clothing and decent shelters. “It’s heartbreaking to see it. They live in difficult situation inside their own country, without enough clean water and electricity,” he added.

Indonesia’s generosity for Yemen

Since their arrival more than two weeks ago, ACT’s SOS for Yemen I team has initiated many humanitarian actions. In Ibb, Purnomo and local volunteers have distributed 200 food packages for IDP from Hodeidah in Al-Dhihar District, Saturday (12/1).

Since early in the morning, the beneficiaries gathered on a schoolyard. They stood in queue while ACT partners listed each head of the family responsible to receive food packages consisting rice, salt, flour, sugar and oil.

The faces of the aid recipients were shining with happiness. They uttered words of prayers and hope that the people of Indonesia will always support them in this critical time. “We are happy for these aid packages. We are grateful for them. Please don’t forsake us,” said Sultan.

The distribution of the aid packages on Saturday (12/1) was quite quick, but, Insya Allah, it will be able to alleviate the hardship of the evacuees from Hodeidah in Ibb. []



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