Pekalongan Flash Flood Destroys Arif’s Stall

Flash floods hit Arif's house and food stall in Kedungwingi District, Pekalongan. The shop was the only source of income for Arif's family.

Arif and his two children
Arif and his two children see their house and stall destroyed by the flood. (ACTNews/ACT Pekalongan)

ACTNews, PEKALONGAN – The flash flood that hit East Kedungwuni Village, Kedungwuni District, Pekalongan Regency on Wednesday (1/19/2022) night also destroyed Arif's house and food stall.

Arif informed the ACT Pekalongan team that he had only been running the shop for 2.5 years. His business supported his economy, especially to pay his six children’s education. 

“Previously, it was my wife who used to sell in the food stall. I used to work as a construction worker if someone invited me. If there was no job, I helped my wife sell at the food stall and cared for the children,” he said on Friday (1/21/2022).


The flood that destroyed Arif's house and the shop began on Wednesday at 05.30 p.m. Kedungwuni District was washed out by heavy rain. The Kletak Dam, which is 1 kilometer from Arif's house, burst and swept through the residential area around 06.00 p.m Western Indonesia Time.

"The residents immediately evacuated after learning that the dam had broken. Water as high as 3.5 to 4 meters came. The flood destroyed houses on the water's edge," Arif explained.

According to Aditya Nugraha of the ACT Pekalongan team, Arif's family required emergency assistance in the form of clean water and food, in addition to assistance with renovating his house and stall. "Pak Arif's family and the residents of Kedungwuni Village require immediate assistance. In addition, residents need help to clean the house. Residents whose homes were severely damaged are still living with relatives," Aditya explained. []