People of Gaza Use Tuk-Tuk to Make a Living

Muhammad Shaban is one of millions of Palestinians who hope to have something with which they can earn money. He wishes to have a Tuk-tuk for him to work with.

People in Gaza use tuk-tuk
Illustration. Tuk-tuks are used by people in Gaza to peddle their merchandise from food to toys. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA - Muhammad Shaban lives in Jabalia with his seven family members. Currently, he is not working. He hoped there will be something for him to start a business. "I need an income to cover the costs of my children's education and milk," he said when met Aksi Cepat Tanggap partners in Gaza met him in early February.

When he heard about the Waqf for Palestinian MSME program initiated by Global Wakaf – ACT, Shaban really hoped that he could also receive this assistance. Having a source of income means a lot to him as a father. He didn't want to let his children starve.

Tuk-tuks are commonly used to transport goods and passengers. Said Mukaffiy from the Global Humanity Response - Aksi Cepat Tanggap team explained that after dawn prayers, the tuk-tuk drivers usually fill the streets to carry passengers to their workplaces, children to their schools, and to peddle their merchandise.

"After eight o'clock in the morning, many Gazan children go to school by these tuk-tuks. They also transport people to their workplaces,” reported Said.

He explained that the distribution of the tuk-tuks would take place from North Gaza to Rafah near the Egyptian border. The beneficiaries will be people who want to open a small business.

The Palestinian Cart Waqf Program is one of the flagship programs initiated by ACT this year. Said hoped that the generous donors could support efforts to make Palestinian society more independent. []