People of Lombok Still Suffer from Water Crisis

People of Lombok Still Suffer from Water Crisis

ACTNews, NORTH LOMBOK – More than three months have passed since the disaster that hit Lombok. Many of the evacuees that had been living in temporary settlements were suffering from water crisis. Many water sources dried after the earthquake. The low rain intensity also makes clean water difficult to get despite the heavy rains that fell on several Indonesian areas.

Mahnun, a lady from Sambik Jengkel Hamlet, Kayangan Sub-District, North Lombok, mentioned that after the earthquake, the amount of water that flowed to their houses decreased or even stopped flowing at all. Consequently, the locals have to find water in springs located far away from the settlement areas. People flocked to the spring for clean water to fulfill their needs.

“Every time I feel weak or not strong enough to carry the water, my child and husband will do it. They will walk for two kilometers for water,” said Mahnun in traditional Sasak language.

Previously, the locals received some water donation from donors who came to their village. Because there are 230 families, the number of the water is limited. The water can only be used for drinking, cooking and dishwashing.

The water crisis not only affect the people in Kayangan Sub-District, but also the people in Sambik Elen Village, Bayan Sub-District. The village that consists of 250 families has also been deprived of water although a pipeline that connects the village with a spring at the foot of Mount Rinjani has been constructed.

“There was a landslide and the pipeline was broken, making the water stop flowing. The spring is still there,” said Jayadi, a villager in Lekok Hamlet, Sambik Elen Village.

Jayadi added that, to get water, the locals had to walk for 3.5 kilometers across the hills. He hoped that the government and NGOs will be able to build another pipeline. “All we need is that. We have been familiar with the terrain. Despite the hills, Insha Allah, the pipeline will be able to be constructed,” said Jayadi.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Ikhsan of Global Wakaf team who had visited a number of areas in North Lombok said that, unlike the condition before the earthquake when water was abundant, it had been difficult to get water in that area. “In Sambik Jengkel alone, we have tried to dig a borehole water well. We have dug for 40 meters but there is still no water. We will keep digging, and hopefully we will find a water source,” Ikhsan hoped.

In Bayan Sub-District, Global Wakaf has built a pipeline and water storage of 15 m3. The water storage will be used to store the water from the spring to then be distributed to the houses. A pipeline has also been constructed in Tanjung Sub-District, North Lombok

“In fact, there are still many locations in Lombok that are affected by water crisis. It shows that Lombok has not been fully recovered. The people of Lombok still need our care. We hope that all parties will be involved in rebuilding Lombok,” Ikhsan hoped. []



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