People of Yogyakarta Show Support for Palestine

People of Yogyakarta Show Support for Palestine

People of Yogyakarta Show Support for Palestine' photo

ACTNews, YOGYAKARTA – The oppression faced by the people of Palestine continues to this day. The blockade imposed upon Gaza has made the life of its residents more difficult. In Indonesia, supported by volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Yogyakarta, a rally was held in Yogyakarta’s kilometer zero to support the people of Palestine.

The rally entitled “Indonesia Saves Palestine” aimed to raise the awareness of the people of Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta, about the crisis that happens in Palestine.

“We are here to voice our sympathy for the people of Palestine living in suffering and hardships. 95 percent of the water in Palestine is polluted because Israel deliberately dumped their industrial waste to the rivers in Gaza. To make things worse, the electricity in Gaza only runs for 2-4 minutes a day,” said Kharis Pradana, chairman of MRI Yogyakarta in his oration.

During the rally, the volunteers also raise donations from the passers-by in the kilometer zero. The donation will be used to provide aid for the people of Palestine by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).

ACT Yogyakarta Branch Manager Bagus Suryanto stated that there are three primary needs whom the Palestinians direly need. “These three primary necessities are clean water, electricity and food. The donations that have been gathered will be used to provide these needs,” said Suryanto in ACT Yogyakarta’s office.

To date, ACT has sent various kinds of aid for Palestine, including the rice that was sent through the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine, fuel to support the electricity of Palestinian hospitals in Gaza, Indonesian Public Kitchen to prepare lunch packages as well as clean water distributed through the Mobile Water Tank every day.

Previously, on Monday (2/11), ACT Yogyakarta held a roadshow with Ustaz Muhammad Husein from Gaza entitled “Humanity Care for Palestine”. The roadshow was held in several mosques. Husein stated that the condition in Palestine is deteriorating. “The main river that flows to Gaza from Lake Tiberias was blocked. Israel dumped their industrial waste there. Hence, almost all water sources in Gaza are polluted,” explained Husein. []  



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