People’s Thoughts on Indonesia’s Lumbung Air Wakaf in Palestine

ACTNews interviewed a number of people in Indonesia to ask their opinion about the construction of Lumbung Air Wakaf in Gaza, Palestine.

Lumbung Air Wakaf Palestine.
The construction of Lumbung Air Wakaf is about to be completed. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The construction of Indonesia’s Lumbung Air Wakaf (Waqf-Based Water Production Bank) in Palestine is about to be completed. Located in Alkarama, East of Jabalia, North Gaza, the Lumbung Air Wakaf is expected to produce up tp 250 liters of clean water each day. The water will also be produced in bottled mineral water.

The news about the humanitarian project in Palestine continues to be spread among the Indonesians. Some of the Indonesians appreciated the effort to provide a water source in Gaza.

Chitra Rahmawati, a college student from Jakarta expressed her amazement at the Lumbung Air Wakaf that is being constructed by the Indonesians. According to Chitra, she has been aware of the ongoing water crisis in Palestine especially Gaza. For Chitra, the construction of Lumbung Air Wakaf is a solution for the water crisis in Gaza.

“I have read on the news that the water in Palestine has been polluted. Therefore, water clean assistance will be very beneficial for the Palestinians,” said Chitra to ACTNews team, Saturday (11/20/2021).

Muhammad Yanuar, an employee at a media company also supports the construction of Lumbung Air Wakaf in Gaza. “If it’s possible, there should be one more Lumbung Air Wakaf. I hope the water production bank can last for a long time and be spared from Israel’s attacks,” Yanuar said.

In addition to Yanuar, Mustari, a Quran teacher met by ACTNews team in his teaching place shows his interest to take part in the construction process or the operation of Lumbung Air Wakaf. He believes, there are several hadiths that say water alms can be an approach to achieve forgiveness from Allah and receive His heaven.

“With the name of Lumbung Air Wakaf, hopefully, we will receive the reward of waqf from the facility. The reward can be received continuously even if we have died,” Mustari explained.

The water crisis in Gaza is the impact of Israel’s military attacks. Many water desalination companies have been reportedly damaged. Therefore, Gaza can hardly produce clean water independently.

The town's faucet water also often doesn't work due to daily blackouts in Gaza. Even if the faucet water works, it will usually be too salty to be consumed as the Gaza Strip is close to the Mediterranean Sea.[]