Porters at Yogyakarta Train Station Struggling Due to Declining Income

Yogyakarta Railway Station has been deserted by passengers. As it is becoming empty, porters are struggling hard to find customers so that they can provide for the family.

Suroso, one of the porters at Yogyakarta Train Station. (ACTNews/Ichsan Ali)

ACTNews, YOGYAKARTA CITY – The COVID-19 pandemic has made Yogyakarta Railway Station Empty, especially during the Level 4 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).The tourists and travelers that used to pack the Train Station are now just a few. There are also porters in blue and orange uniforms sitting, waiting for the train to arrive.

Suroso (47), one of the porters, says that with only a few passengers at the station, they can barely meet any customer. "At this time, our income dropped roughly by 70 percent. Only some trains are operating. Hence, the number of passengers also fluctuates,” said Suroso, Saturday (9/4/2021).

Suroso, who lives in Banyuraden Village in Sleman Regency, explains that the porters usually work in shifts. With 98 porters available, each porter has to work a full day and take a day off the next day.