Poso Flood Victims in Urgent Need of Food

For days, residents of Lengkeka Village, West Lore, Posi, have been displaced for days. They live in difficult conditions and are in need of aid.

One of the houses affected by the flash flood that happened on Tuesday (3/3). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, POSO - Flash flood that hit Lengkeka Village, West Lore Subdistrict, Poso forced more than 900 people to evacuate to several locations, one of them was in the West Lore Subdistrict Office. Some decided to stay home.

Many houses were damaged by the flash flood that carried mud and debris. Thick mud, large rocks, and logs scattered across the residential areas after the floods receded. Many evacuees were still afraid to return home due to deep trauma after their homes were severely damaged by the flash flood.

Mustafa from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Central Sulawesi Program Team said that the majority of those who survived the evacuation camp were women and children. The conditions inside the evacuation site is unfit for living, especially for children. "Mainly evacuees now need blankets because at night the air is very cold, especially when it rains. They also urgently need food at the moment," he explained, Friday (3/6).

Besides water, the flash flood also carried stone and logs from the forest. (ACTNews)

ACT has assigned a number of volunteers and opened a disaster post not far from the flood-hit location to make sure the needs of the evacuees are fulfilled. They have been distributing food to the evacuees.

Flash flood in Poso occurred on Tuesday (3/3) after a heavy rain. The flood carried mud, boulders, and logs from the jungle. Until now, it has been frequently raining and the evacuees have been advised not to return home for fear of another flood. []