Pratama Dedicates Himself as a Nurse for Humanitarian Solidarity

“This is a new experience for me to join the best humanitarian organization in Indonesia,” said Pratama, a nurse of ACT’s Humanity Medical Services.

Pratama Agus Suryanto stands in front of an ACT’s ambulance unit. (ACTNews/Ichsan Ali)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – A life calling to serve oneself for humanity is chosen by Pratama Agus Suryanto (30), a nurse of ACT’s Humanity Medical Services specifically in the Covid-19 Medical Careline Services (MCS) team.

The man who is a nurse graduate from a university in Jakarta is very grateful for being able to join ACT’s Humanity Medical Services team. The past two years, he had no fixed job and had been working as an online taxi driver.

Pratama used to be a nurse in a hospital in Depok, West Java for three years. For him, serving at ACT has quite a drastic difference compared to working in a hospital.

“This is a new experience for me to be able to join the best humanitarian organization in Indonesia. When I am on duty, I will meet patients from various economic backgrounds and house conditions. Many of their houses are uninhabitable. It is different from my experience working in a hospital that could only meet the patients at the hospital,” explained Prarama when he was interviewed by ACTNews, Tuesday (9/21/2021).

Sometimes, Pratama feels compassion towards his patients when he visits them for home care service. However, he feels good helping people who are in need of medical assistance.

“It can be said that in ACT, I really serve for those who are really in need of medical treatment. I am happy to be able to help with home care services and provide medicines,” said Pratama.

Currently, the father of two hopes for ACT to continue expanding the benefits of Humanity Medical Services especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Our healthcare services are free of charge and only rely on the community’s alms. Insha Allah, there will be more people who donate to ACT,” added Prata.[]