Prayers from Chadian Muslim Converts for Generous Indonesians

Prayers from Chadian Muslim Converts for Generous Indonesians

ACTNews, TANDJILE, Chad – Almost a year ago, on the day of Eid-ul-Adha 2017, Global Qurban came and spend the days after Eid in Chad, a landlocked African country located between the Sahara and lush African savannah.

The Muslim-majority population in Chad became the reason why Global Qurban decided to bring qurbani meat packages all the way across the oceans. From 14 million of its total population, 55% of them are Muslims. Although Chad is a Muslim-majority country, the Eid-ul-Adha celebration in that country is not quite the same with that in Indonesia.

Last year, in an effort to expand more qurbani benefits for more Muslims across the continent, Global Qurban arrived in Chad. It’s probably not a familiar country to the Indonesian public, not frequently mentioned by Indonesian mass-media. Through their partners, Global Qurban finally arrived at the country.  

On the map, we can see that Chad borders Libya in the north, Sudan in the east, Central African Republic in the south, Cameroon and Nigeria in the southwest, as well as Niger in the west.

Geographically, more than 50% of its natural landscape consists of barren desert. The north side of the country is a vast desert, dry and barren like its neighbors Sudan and Libya. The central part of the country is covered by the barren Sahelian belt which separates the desert from the Sudanian Savannah. In the southern part of the country lies Lake Chad whose water debit constantly changes each year.

Not far from Lake Chad is N’Djamena city, the capital and the most densely-populated city in Chad. N’Djamena has the most Muslim population in Chad. Last year, in N’Djamena, Global Qurban was there to bring happiness to Chadian Muslims.

Qurbani for Chadian new Muslim converts

Aboubakar Hassan Andre, representative of Global Qurban partner in Chad told us that, a year ago, the distribution of qurbani meat last year focused on the Chadians who had just been guided to Islam: poor new Muslim converts in southern N’Djamena.

“We went to Kelo City in Tandjile District. The Muslim population in this area is not as many as in other areas in Chad. Slowly, many of the locals found guidance and converted to Islam. Most of them are farmers with difficult economic condition,” said Andre in his report in September 2017.

Andre further explained about the harsh condition in Tandjile District. According to him, most of the Muslim converts in the area live together with the refugees from countries around Chad.

“Chad hosts refugees from its neighboring countries: South Sudan, Sudan, Nigeria and Central African Republic. This makes life more difficult in Chad. The poverty percentage in Chad has reached 80%, with many of its people earn less than $2 daily,” wrote Andre.  

The Human Development Index published by the United Nations verified Andre’s explanation. Chad is the seventh poorest country in the world. More than 80% of its population have to struggle against poverty.

Abdulwaheed Achena, a Muslim convert, one of the beneficiaries of last year’s qurbani distribution in Chad told us his story. He comes from Kelo Village in Tandjile district. He has been the village chief for a few years.

“All the Tandjile villagers thank you for the qurbani meat that you sent all the way here. May Allah reward you with something much better. May you always remember us like we always remember you,” said Achena.

Another story came from Husna Abbamay, a mother of five children from Kelo Village. She never expected that the bound of brotherhood among Muslims will be so strong.

“Allah showed His guidance to many of our villagers. I would never expect that our Muslim brothers and sisters from faraway countries would send their qurbani to our village. Thank you,” said Abbamay in September 2017. []


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