Preachers in Cimahi Receive Food Packages

Not limited to underprivileged people and security officers, National Food Alms Movement also distributed food packages to Islamic Preachers in Cimahi. The assistance as a form of appreciation for their services in spreading Islam in the midst of pandemics.

ACT team distributes food packages from National Food Alms Movement in Cimahi. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIMAHI In West Java, National Food Alms Movement continued spreading kindness. After the previous food distribution that was carried out in Bandung and Tasikmalaya, a similar action was also carried out in Cimahi. Not only the security officers, but preachers and mosque caretakers also received food packages from the benefactors.

ACT Cimahi Branch Manager Sopian Syekh Abdul Sani Haeruman said that for one week, starting from March 14 to March 21, 2021, ACT Cimahi had distributed more than one thousand kilograms of Waqf Rice and Waqf Drinking Water. The main target beneficiaries were preachers, Al-Qur’an teachers, mosque caretakers, students, and orphanages.

“One of the target beneficiaries is preachers. They continue to spread Islam in the midst of pandemics,” said Sopian, Thursday (3/25/2021).

Sanusi (64) is a caretaker of Istiqomah Mosque in Cimahi was pleased with the food packages from National Food Alms Movement. Ganda (66), an Al-Qur’an teacher, also felt the same. Many of the beneficiaries were no longer young. So Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia distributed the food packages directly to their homes.

In March, National Food Alms Movement also extended to eastern Java, in Jember to be exact. The distribution was carried out not limited to underprivileged people, but also to security officers as an appreciation for their service.

The food packages from the benefactors were distributed through ACT. After received by ACT, the food alms were temporarily stored in the Waqf Distribution Center. The quality of the food alms will be checked before the food distribution starts from here. Pungki Martha Kusuma, Coordinator of Waqf Distribution Center said that quality assurance is important because they want to distribute the best quality of food packages.

“From this warehouse, we send our food packages through ACT branch offices across various regions. Then, the distribution will be carried out directly to the beneficiaries,” explained Pungki at the launch of the National food Alms Movement at the end of February.[]