Preaching on Outer Island Becomes Happiness for Syafrijal and Syawal

Tengku Safrijal Muslem and Tengku Syawal sincerely serve as Quran teachers on Telaga Tujuh Island, Langsa City. For them, teaching is a joy and a service whose payment is not money.

Muslim preachers
Handover assistance to Muslim preachers in Telaga Tujuh, Langsa. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LANGSA – The commemoration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in Telaga Tujuh Village, West Langsa District, Langsa City, Tuesday (10/26/2021), was special for Tengku Safrijal Muslem and Teungku Syawal. At the same time, these two teachers who have been serving since 2013 received financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT.

Every day, Safrijal teaches Islamic teachings at Telaga Tujuh. As a teacher, Safrijal does not receive a salary. To fulfill his daily needs, he and his wife sell fritters.

"Currently, I teach more than 70 students at home or in several study centers spread across Telaga Tujuh. For me, teaching is happiness, so the payment is not money," said Safrijal, Tuesday (10/26/2021).

Apart from Safrijal, Telaga Tujuh Village also has another Quran teacher, namely Tengku Syawal. After 13 years of studying religion at an Islamic Boarding School, Syawal chose to return to Telaga Tujuh in 2013 to become a teacher and preacher.

"There is nothing happier than being able to serve in my hometown. The knowledge that I get at Islamic boarding school must be conveyed, even if it is only one verse. Hopefully, this will be good for me and the community, especially the students," he said.

To fulfill his needs, Syawal becomes a fisherman. The fisherman is the occupation of the majority of the people of Telaga Tujuh Village. "Sometimes, I go to the sea at night. The other day, I went to sea in the morning until noon,” he said.

Telaga Tujuh is a densely populated island and is a single inhabited island among other islands in the vicinity. This village has an area of ​​​​about 4 hectares and is inhabited by 700 families. This island is located at the eastern end of Langsa City, bordered by the Straits of Malacca to the north. To get to the village, it takes a distance of 8 kilometers from Langsa City to the port and takes another30 minutes to cross to arrive at Telaga Tujuh.

Irwansyah, the head of Telaga Tujuh Village, welcomed the assistance of preachers in his village. For him, this is a positive activity, and he hopes to be able to support the preacher to prosper.

"Hopefully, this activity will be wider again, and many preachers will receive support," hoped Irwansyah.[]