Preparing Qurbani Animals in the Month of Ramadan

Many people choose to buy qurbani animals in advance in the month of Ramadan. Through the Progressive Qurbani program, in the month of Ramadan Global Qurban offers the best prices for those who wish to buy qurbani animals.

Preparing Qurbani Animals in the Month of Ramadan' photo
The qurbani meat fromm Global Qurban reached the people in East Nusa Tenggara. Its wide reach and various program make many people choose to perform qurbani through Global Qurban. In May, in the month of Ramadan, Global Qurban offered the best prices through the Progressive Qurbani program. (ACTNews / Gina Mardani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Many people have been preparing their qurbani animals in advance in the month of Ramadan through Global Qurban – ACT due to the conveniences that it offers. As explained by Desi Susanti from the Global Qurban – ACT Partnership Team, Global Qurban provides ease of transactions and best prices.

"In the month of Ramadan that coincides in the month of May, Global Qurban - ACT offers the best price through the Progressive Qurbani. For one goat, the price is IDR 1,550,000,” Desi explained, Friday (5/15). This price is cheaper than the price of Qurbani animal in the month of July when Eid Al-Adha is going to fall.

In addition to affordable prices, Global Qurban – ACT also offers ease of transaction. People who wish to perform Qurbani only need to fill the form on the Global Qurban website. The transaction can be done through various platforms.

"There are many payment options, including virtual accounts, interbank transfers, and online donations. Dozens of people have purchase their Qurbani animals through these channels this Ramadan.

As of this May, over two thousand Progressive Qurbani transactions have been made. Along with the qurbani animals bought through Intensive Qurbani and Qurbani Deposit, the qurbani will be distributed in 42 countries, from remote parts of Indonesia to the war-torn countries throughout the Muslim world. []