Preparing Qurbani for the Next Ten Years

Preparing Qurbani for the Next Ten Years

Preparing Qurbani for the Next Ten Years' photo
Preparing Qurbani for the Next Ten Years

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Eko Susanto (37)’s determination to perform qurbani through Global Qurban is strong. He has purchased Qurbani animals for the next ten years through the Global Qurban – Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s Intensive Qurbani program.

“I trust ACT. Every year, I receive the report of my qurbani," Eko said when contacted by the ACTNews team, Friday (12/27). He also felt at ease because he had prepared her qurbani for next ten years.

He is also very happy when the qurbani that he purchases is able to benefit the needy in the remote parts of Indonesia and overseas. "I am very happy. That is very good," said Eko.

Eko performs his qurbani through Global Qurban - ACT Central Java. He knew about ACT through his relative who works in ACT Central Java. "In addition to the affordable price, it also facilitates me to prioritize on doing acts of worship," said the father of three who works as a businessman.

Intensive Qurbani is one of the programs offered by Global Qurban-ACT. Through Intensive Qurbani program, the potential qurbani performers can purchase their qurbani sacrifice for at least five years.

Desi Susanti from the Global Qurban Partnership Team explained, there are two benefits if one chooses the Intensive Qurbani program. Firstly, they can get qurbani animals at an affordable price. Additionally, the price of the qurbani animals will not increase each year like the regular qurbani programs "Secondly, qurbani performers will also benefit from the advance payment system. They will not need to worry about the availability of qurbani animals for the next five years, "explained Desi.

The qurbani animals are available at a cheaper price thanks to Global Qurban’s livestock management. In the Waqf-based Livestock Barn, the qurbani animals for Eid Al-Adha 1440 AH are raised. The animals are raised throughout the year so that when Eid Al-Adha arrives they are ready for the qurbani. The The LTW also empowers the local livestock raisers to empower their economy.

"The number of workers in the LTW can reach up to hundreds. They divided their daily tasks among themselves, from taking care of livestock to taking care of the dwarf elephant grass that is to be used for the fodder, "explained Lily Sukardi, a livestock farmer at the Waqf-based Livestock Barn in Tasikmalaya when interviewed by the ACTNews team last November.

Global Qurban endeavors to provide the best service for both the beneficiaries and qurbani performers. []