Preparing Reliable Volunteers to Save Lives in Disaster-Hit Areas

Due to the potential for massive, life-threatening natural disasters, ACT tries to train reliable volunteers to save life through water rescue training in South Tangerang.

Volunteers of MRI North Jakarta in the water rescue training. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH JAKARTA – Nearly every year, Jakarta is hit by floods. The high intensity of rain and the narrowing of the river due to the dense population are among the factors that cause the disaster. As a result, the potential for material losses and casualties is quite high. For this reason, disaster management is very important, including the provision of emergency aid and rescuing the victims, when the floods come. However, not many people can help victims during the floods

To improve the skills of the volunteers in dealing with hydrological natural disasters, Aksi Cepat Tanggap held a water rescue training in Situ Gintung Reservoir, South Tangerang, Sunday (4/4/2021), for Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) North Jakarta. The training was attended by 40 volunteers, and the event was held in compliance with the health protocols.

Head of Volunteer of ACT North Jakarta, Harun Ar Rosyid said that this water rescue training aimed to introduce new volunteers in the early rescue of flood victims. Many hydrological disasters in Jakarta require more serious handling due to high water levels or fast currents.

“The huge potential for flooding in Jakarta necessitates MRI volunteers to be ready. Hence, volunteers must have basic skills in helping victims,” said Harun.

The water rescue training was guided by Emergency Response Team- ACT, which has many experiences in assisting disaster victims. The introduction to the rescue equipment, such as life jackets, ropes, helmets, oars, and rubber boats, was also given by the team to prepare MRI volunteers to use them in disaster-affected locations.

“A rescuer must have good basic rescue techniques before getting into the actual disaster-hit areas. Don’t let those who suppose to rescue get rescued,” explained Water Rescue Training Instructor Muhammad Albar.[]