Presenting Happiness to 1,000 Gazan Orphans

As many as 1,200 people attended the banquet and handover ceremony of the aid for 1,000 orphans in Deir Al Balah, Central Gaza.

Presenting Happiness to 1,000 Gazan Orphans' photo
Children savoring the lunch with Aksi Cepat Tanggap on Tuesday (12/31). Located in Al-Salah school for the orphans in Deir Al-Balah, Central Gaza, the banquet and and handover ceremony of aid for Palestinian orphans. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The distribution of aid for a thousand orphans in Gaza marked the end of 2019. While the world was celebrating the turn of the year, there was something different in Gaza, Tuesday (12/31). A total of 1,200 people attended a banquet and handover ceremony of the aid for 1,000 orphans on the front yard of the Al-Salah school for orphans, Deir Al Balah, Central Gaza.

Before noon, the guests began to arrive. At exactly 11:00 a.m., the event was finally begun. It opened with a dance performance of the children. The event was quite cheerful as it was filled with a series of performances by the children.

The guests that attended the banquet included the Deputy of Palestinian Legal Assembly and Head of the Dar Al Quran Wa Al-Sunnah Foundation Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Jamal. Also attending the event was the Chairman of the NGO Union and the former Palestinian Social Minister in Gaza Dr. Ahmed Alkurd, chairman of the Palestinian Orphan House Foundation Amir Jaber, teachers from UNRWA schools, as well as parents or students’ guardians.

Rami Shahen, Aksi Cepat Tanggap's partner in Gaza reported, the attendees expressed their utmost happiness for the aid and the banquet.

"This event is also for the orphans who memorized the Quran. They always work hard to teach the Quran. The beneficiaries appreciated ACT for its programs that continue to support Palestinian orphans to protect the Quran," Shahen said.

The orphans also expressed their happiness because the event was held especially on the last day of school before the vacation. "We loved the lunch served at the school. The food was very delicious," said one of the children.

Guests and representatives who attended the event also sent their greetings and thanks to ACT. "It truly is a great program. All of the invited orphans and guests who attended the event expressed their hope for such programs to continue for the future of Gazan orphans, "concluded Shahen. []