Presenting Sanitary Facilities in Seaside Village in Flores

Located in a mountainous area, there is enough clean water in Dekisare Village, Labutakan Subdistrict, Lembata Regency. Unfortunately, it lacks proper sanitary facilities. Global Wakaf - ACT built a Waqf Well to solve this problem.

The Waqf Well was built beside the ICC Mosque in Lembata. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LEMBATA - Dikesare Village is a place of scenic beauty. Located in Labutakan Subdistrict, Lembata Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, is directly adjacent to the Flores Sea. The clear blue sea and the lush greeneries adorns the scenery around the village.

Unfortunately, the beauty of the village is in contrast with the poverty that cripples the local residents’ lives. Most of them work as farmers and fishermen. They live in fairly simple houses.

"Most residents live in simple houses because they don’t have much money. The walls were made of the sand from the beach. Some of the houses were made of wood, with roofs made of palm leafs or asbestos," Wahyu Nur Alim from Global Wakaf said on Wednesday (3/15).

Due to poverty, the locals also don’t have proper sanitary facilities both for personal and religious use. This also happened at the Lembata Integrated Community Center (ICC) Mosque.


One of the houses in the village of Dikesare. (ACTNews)

"Actually, clean water is available here in this village. Despite being located near the sea, thanks to the nearby mountains, clean water flows to this village. Even though the soil is rather arid, but Alhamdulillah water is still available. But the problem really is in the lack of sanitary facilities and infrastructure," Wahyu said.

Global Wakaf - ACT began building a Waqf Well for the residents of Dikesare Village on March 6, 2020. The Waqf Well built beside the ICC mosque, complete with the sanitary facilities, was completed on Tuesday (4/14).

Some residents eagerly tried the new well and sanitary facilities supported by endowers through Global Wakaf - ACT. Before the midday prayer, they took ablution there. "Thank you Global Wakaf – ACT. May Global Wakaf continue to develop and be more successful,” said one resident.

Wahyu also hoped that the Waqf Well will be beneficial to the residents and useful both for the worshippers and the local residents in general. "Hopefully the Waqf Well in the ICC Mosque Lembata can be useful not only for the worshippers, but also to meet the needs of the local villagers in general," Wahyu hoped. []