PrideNjoy's Kindness Distributed to the Community

A clothing brand from Bandung, PrideNjoy, held a kindness action with ACT. Irham, the owner of PrideNjoy, hopes that similar action can be followed by other local brands to care for each other.

Mobile Food Stall
Mobile Food Stall distributes ready-to-eat meals in front of PrideNjoy store, Bandung. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDUNG – Various problems arose during the pandemic, especially the economy. Layoffs seem to be a phenomenon. Large and small businesses are also affected by the decline in income. The ability to meet needs also decreases.

Inspired by this condition, PrideNjoy, a clothing brand from Bandung, and Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) carried out a kindness action for the community. The team delivered ready-to-eat meals through Mobile Food Stall service using Humanity Food Van.

Tuesday, (10/26/2021), ACT team distributed ready-to-eat meals in front of the PrideNjoy store, Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bandung. People could take hundreds of portions of ready-to-eat meals for free.


“Mobile Food Stall is a free food service from ACT Bandung. Anyone can support this service, including now from PrideNjoy. Hopefully, this joint action can provide the best benefits for the community,” explained Irvan Maulana from ACT Bandung Program team.

The best charity that PrideNjoy distributes through ACT was the sales profits and support from customers. Irham, the owner of PrideNjoy, hopes that this kind of action can be followed by other fashion entrepreneurs, especially local brands in Bandung. "Hopefully, this activity can be useful for the wider community," he said.

ACT's collaboration with PrideNjoy is not the first time. Previously, ACT and PrideNjoy distributed assistance for quarantine residents due to Covid-19. Mobile Food Stall service was not only in front of the PrideNjoy store but has gone around to various areas in Bandung, such as under the Moch Toha toll road, Sartika Asih Hospital, Tegalega Landfill, Astana Anyar Market, and Al Ikhsan Baleendah Hospital.[]