Productive Agricultural Waqf Brings Benefits to Didin’s Rice Fields in A month

Didin Wahyudin (47) felt the various benefits of the Productive Agricultural Waqf program ranging from the benefits of organic nutrition to easy capital. He is a farmer from Telarsari Village, Karawang Regency.

Didin cultivates 1,350 square meters of agricultural land. (ACTNews/Ardiyansyah)

ACTNews, KARAWANG REGENCY – Didin Wahyudin (47) joined the Productive Agricultural Waqf (WSP) program a month ago. He admitted that he had received many benefits, such as capital assistance, mentoring, and an organic agricultural program that uses biological nutrients.

For Didin and his friends in the Telarsari Village Farmers Group, they have two biggest problems, namely pests and capital. The main problem is prices that often fall during the harvest season. This condition makes planting capital in the following season insufficient.

“If I have no money, I will get a loan from the bank. Unfortunately, the conditions are difficult, while farmers need immediate funds. The interest in the bank is also high, so it is difficult for us to make a profit, and we have more debt,” said Didin. Global Wakaf-ACT team met him after the launch of Waqf Rice Barn in Telarsari Village, Jatisari District, Karawang Regency, Wednesday (8/25/2021).

 Didin recounted that farmer groups had tried to solve capital problems by cooperating with big banks. The interest that farmers have to pay was small. However, this cooperation was only able to last for two years.

Now, Didin is grateful. Many farmers in Tellarsari village get capital assistance through the Productive Agricultural Waqf program.

Didin also felt that the biological nutrients provided by Global Wakaf had maximum results. “My rice fields are about 1,370 square meters. There are half a bou (four plots). I tried not using the fertilizer but using biological nutrients. In my opinion, the biological nutrient makes the soil fertile and loose,” said Didin.

Global Wakaf-ACT also plans to build a Waqf Rice Barn with a capacity of 1,000 tons per month. "Hopefully, this program continues so all the farmers in Telarsari Village and neighboring villages feel the benefits,” hoped Didin.

Waqf Rice Barn is part of the Productive Food Waqf program, which strives for the welfare of farmers. The farmers will be funded and assisted until harvesting. Global Wakaf will purchase the harvest at the best price to minimize farmer losses then the rice is processed and packaged in the Waqf Rice Barn. Furthermore, this rice will deliver to the Waqf Distribution Center and distribute to beneficiaries.[]