Productive Agricultural Waqf in Libani Village Begins Cultivating Ten Hectares of Land

Global Wakaf-ACT has again carried out a planting ceremony in an area of ​​ten hectares in Libani Village, Belopa District, Luwu Regency, on Saturday (6/26/2021). The farmers received capital assistance to maximize production.

The planting ceremony
The planting ceremony continues in four other villages in Luwu Regency. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LUWU – Productive Agricultural Waqf is expanding its benefits by supporting the planting ceremony for farmers. Recently, in Libani Village, Belopa District, Luwu Regency, the planting ceremony was carried out on a ten-hectare land on Saturday (6/26/2021).

Insha Allah, this planting ceremony will be held for one week. We will empower four more villages in Luwu Regency. Of course, this is possible thanks to the waqf funds from the benefactors,” said Mohammad Jakfar from the Global Wakaf-ACT Team.

Jakfar says the farmers in Libani Village currently deal with limited farming investments. "Hence, they have to borrow money. Sometimes, the crop price falls during harvest time," explained Jakfar.

Amid the difficulties faced by the farmers, South Sulawesi is one of the provinces that have the potential to be a National Rice Barn. Hence, Global Wakaf-ACT will continue to maximize the activities of the farmers there.

The process of planting in the village of Libani. (ACTNews)

"Insha Allah, this is our initial effort. There are one hundred hectares of land that we can cultivate. Hopefully, the investment capital can be guaranteed starting from production, land management, until later the purchase of grain, "explained Jakfar.

The farmers will also receive special assistance from the Agency of Agricultural Counseling and Human Resource Development in the Belopa District. Hence, the process before and after planting remains controlled and is expected to provide satisfactory results for farmers.

A warehouse has also functioned in Luwu Regency as a production facility. "We used this building as a fertilizer storage center for farmers who are members of the Productive Agricultural Waqf program. This warehouse is one of the efforts to control the scarcity of fertilizers in Luwu Regency," said Jakfar.

The rice cultivation of the Productive Agricultural Waqf program in Luwu Regency continues to this day. Some farmers are currently cultivating, some are in the process of planting, and some are in the process of growing the plants. []