Productive Agricultural Waqf Supports Food Fulfillment Programs

Global Wakaf-ACT, through the Productive Agricultural Waqf, continues to strive for the welfare of farmers and fulfill the food needs of the community with the best quality rice.

Harvest day
After harvesting, Global Wakaf-ACT tries to maintain the quality of the harvest until it reaches the beneficiaries. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – The rice fields supported by the Productive Agricultural Waqf program in Situ Udik Village, Cibungbulang District, Bogor Regency, have entered the harvest season.

Suhendar (56), one of the farmers, expressed his gratitude for this program. "Today is a harvest day. Hopefully, this program continues to prosper the farmers," he said on Monday (7/5/2021).

This program will continue until after the harvest season as Global Wakaf-ACT strives to process and distribute the rice until it reaches the community, starting from buying grain from farmers until processing it into waqf rice. The benefits of this program can be felt by farmers and the community.

“We are committed to buying all of the crops of the Productive Agricultural Waqf program. ACT's need for rice is quite high,” said Wahyu Nur Alim from the Global Wakaf-ACT Team.

Global Wakaf-ACT buys rice from the farmers and packs it into free Waqf Rice. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

Productive Agricultural Waqf also tries to meet the needs of the community by creating healthy plants. The rice is free from fertilizers and pesticides which contain harmful chemicals.

“Because the rice is already considered healthy rice, meaning that our service to the people in distributing rice will also be even better with this healthy agriculture program," said Wahyu.

Later, this organic rice will be processed by Global Wakaf-ACT until it is ready to be packaged. It can support many food fulfillment programs from ACT.

Among the programs that will use the Waqf Rice is the Free Food Operation that will support the Solidarity Emergency Save the Nation from the Pandemic movement. Through this movement, ACT seeks to reduce the impact of Covid-19 through a number of efforts including food distribution.

The best quality free rice and other aid packages will be distributed by the Humanity Rice Truck and other humanitarian vehicles, reaching not only urban areas but also suburban and remote areas.[]