Productive Business Waqf Becomes Encouragement for Turharani's Efforts

Since Emergency PPKM, Turharani's income has slowly decreased. However, she tirelessly peddles her grilled meatballs and various soft drinks to meet the needs of her family.

Waqf Cart can make it easier for Turharani to sell. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA– Before the pandemic, crowds became Turharani's source of income. People who did activities or passers-by around Klender Village, Duren Sawit used to buy her grilled meatball and soft drinks. She peddles her sales with an old cart.

Not many people doing activities outside during the pandemic. Emergency PPKM also limits the community’s activities. Therefore, it affects Nurharani's income. “During the pandemic, my income is decreasing. Previously, I could earn IDR 160,000 a day. Now, at most, I earn IDR 70,000,” said Turharani on Monday (9/13/2021). 

However, Turharani keeps trying because she needs to provide for her children’s needs. Hence, Turharani is still enthusiastic about selling her sales.


Global Waqf-ACT supports this spirit by providing Waqf Cart assistance to Turharani through the Productive Business Waqf program. Hopefully, this assistance can make it easier for Turharani to sell and also increase the amount of stock of her merchandise. "Alhamdulillah,  I am very happy, sir. I also thank Global Wakaf-ACT for choosing me to receive this cart,” he said.

Turharani also received business capital from Global Wakaf-ACT through the Business Capital Alms program. She hopes that other MSME owners also get this assistance, especially those around her area. "Here, many widows and mothers are self-employed. They also want to be helped," hoped Turharani. []