Productive Waqf Forum: One Give for Many Generations

Productive Waqf Forum: One Give for Many Generations

GlobalWakaf, JAKARTA - Productive waqf practice has broadly developed, it can even be considered as advanced in some Muslim majority countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Sudan, and Malaysia. The progress, however, doesn’t go so well in Indonesia, country with the biggest Muslim population in the world. This irony is caused by mediocre waqf asset management in our nation.

As reported by Salamudin Daeng, economy observer and researcher from The Institute for Global Justice (IGJ), the total amount of waqf area in Indonesia approximately reached 4,5 billion hectares. Regrettably, many of those assets are still static. In the other words, those assets still can’t be cultivated to produce goods.

“In fact, those assets, particularly the land waqf, have great potential. Strategic location is a plus. If we can push the assets to be more productive, the benefits will be immense,” explained Slamet Riyanto, Head of BWI. Additionally, Indonesian’s awareness over the extensive concept and benefits of productive waqf is still insufficient.

Using this problem as a starting point, Global Wakaf Foundation, in a collaboration with Badan Wakaf Indonesia (BWI) and some waqf management organization (nazhir) in Indonesia, initiated Productive Waqf Forum and Productive Waqf Day Plan. Supported by BNI Syariah Bank, early launching of Productive Waqf Forum with title “One Give for Many Generations” was held in Menteng, Jakarta, on Wednesday (7/11).

Productive Waqf Forum encourages all waqf organizations in Indonesia, as well as related stakeholders such as financial authorities and sharia banks, to run a collective socialization and discussion to boost capacity and capability of productive waqf management.

“Waqf is seriously related to productive economy sector. That’s why BWI and other waqf management organizations try to engage related financial authorities such as OJK, BI, and sharia banks, to promote productive waqf in Indonesia,” said Slamet.

Benefits of Productive Waqf

One Give for Many Generations is a spirit Productive Waqf Forum wants to pass to society. When one person dedicates a waqf, its benefits will spill the multiple generations after.

Still fresh on our minds, how Umar bin Khatab devoted a land waqf in Khaibar. With the advice of Prophet Muhammad, he could successfully impose productive management of the land waqf. Until today, the citizens still cherish the benefits.

Productive waqf isn’t limited to land; there are various kinds to devote. Cash waqf, for instance, can be used to develop productive economy, a potential tool for society empowerment. All the while, many waqf management organizations that… (putus di sini)

“As Global Wakaf Foundation—we have been organizing cash waqf since 2014. We manage collected cash for productive waqf programme such as food/livestock waqf, education waqf, and health waqf. Nowadays, around 22 thousand people have received benefits from the waqf,” said Hafit T. Mas’ud, who represented Global Wakaf Foundation.

Hafit continued, his group along with some members of Productive Waqf Forum would actively socialize productive waqf to communities. OJK, for instance, organizes some events so called Sharia Finance Fair, Ib Vaganza, and Training of Trainers. Those events can be used to educate people about cash waqf and productive waqf. BNI Sharia can be an addition to campaign Productive Waqf Movement.

“Our ultimate goal is this: to spread benefits grasped from productive waqf as extensive and equal as possible, so that those benefits can be cherished until some times far in the future,” closed Hafit. []


Translator: Esa Khairina Husen

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